HT-B1 and HT-B1-L  Small Trimmer.
HT-B1 - Men carried trimmer, for ball or U-shape with 18 VdC accu drive and 2 speed setting.
Low weigth 10 kg and carry-belt.

HT-B1-s - Special trimmer, for high stem plants with turning pot and height adjustable blades and stem stabilizor.

HT-B1-r - Rolling trimmer and low weight frame 15 kg., with potclamp, adjustable height 34 - 50 cm., with 18 VdC drive.

HT-B1-L - Trimmer with large aluminum portal frame, 150 x 150 cm.  with pot or stem clamp, with sliding trimunit 18 VdC drive.
HT-B1 man carried trimmer.
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HT-B1-r rolling trimmer.
Bolvorm knipmachine HT-B3
Bolvorm snoeimachine automaat
Conus knipper
Product overview.
Movies overview.
HT-B1-L with large frame.
Capacity Cyclustime is 3 - 4 sec.
Capacity is: 10 - 12 pcs./min.
Blade sets:
Ball shape diam.  15, 17, 20, 25 and 30 cm.
U-shape diam.     20, 25 and 30 cm.
HT-B1-S special rolling trimmer.
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